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Masterclass photography at the Swabian Art Summer

At the end of July / beginning of August, I will be conducting the Masterclass Photography in Irsee as part of the Swabian Art Summer 2018. The setting in rural Allgäu is awesome, the embedding with the many other master classes super inspiring and the food a blast for a fair price!

I would be very happy see some known faces at the workshop!
Application deadline is the 18th of April!


I am very proud to share a project that I have been working on for the last three years: Tbilisi - Archive of Transition. Together with my colleagues from FROH! in Cologne and CCA in Georgia, we have been collecting stories of change in the vibrant capital that will now be published in a book.

Please support us in the last few steps and get an early bird deal, a limited edition or even become a patron of our book!

Book / Brochure - B6 -

#froh #tbilisi #gerogia #archiveoftransition #frankfurtbookfair2018

Sami reindeer herders published in German magazine BEEF!

Bernd Hauser and I visited the Sami people of Northern Norway and documented their life with and from the reindeer. The results are published beautifully in the December issue of the German magazine BEEF! Thank you to all people we visited in and around Kautokeino and their amazing hospitality and to Monique and Birte for the long wind.

#photojournalims #publication #norway #sami #reindeer #kautokeino

Old bones in Vienna for German magazine DER SPIEGEL

For this week's DER SPIEGEL I had the pleasure to meet Prof. Weber, an anthropologist in Vienna, and his thought-provoking discovery of a mandible bone found in Israel that can be dated back much longer than previously thought mankind lived there.

#photojournalism #spiegel #vienna #science #mankind

Bacteriophages in Germany for SPIEGEL WISSEN

Merry Christmas and happy centennial to the bacteriophages! 100 years ago, the research started and if Western research would finally allow their public use, multi-resistant bacteria could soon be a thing of the past... Sebastian's story with my images can be read this month's issue of the German magazine SPIEGEL WISSEN:

And you can see a bigger visual edit on my website:

#bacteriophages #phages #publications #spiegelwissen

Robot Sex Dolls from California for German SZ MAGAZIN

Patrick's story with my pictures about a crazy sex doll startup from California that wants to create the first sex robot is now published in this weeks SZ Magazin! Go grab a copy at the kiosk if you're in Germany, Austria or Switzerland! The text online is in German only and behind a paywall but you can see a visual selection of the story on my website (NSFW):

Thank you Jakob and Xifan for your support and believe in the story!

Czech vinyl factory for Dutch newspaper DE VOLKSKRANT

Recently in the Dutch newspaper DE VOLKSKRANT: Jenne Jan Holtland's story with my images on the world's biggest vinyl factory that has seen many really famous records going through their house...

Reportage on the Mexico-US border in German PLAYBOY

Patrick's and my story about the border between the US and Mexico has just been published in this month's issue of the German Playboy. Good excuse to go to the other corner of the newsstand ;)
Thanks to the whole team for your support and trust and all the people that helped us along the way!

#publication #photojournalism #border #usa #mexico

New beginnings...

View from my new second home in Maria Gugging in the outskirts of Vienna. I am very happy that Liisi and I made the move towards Austria and more mountains, amazing nature, lovely new flatmates, new opportunities, good old friends and a huge permaculture garden with seven ducks and still keeping our base in Tallinn as well!

Czech elections for Dutch newspaper DE VOLKSKRANT

My encounter with pirates and other angry Czech voters last Saturday in Prague during the parliamentary elections. Today in the Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant. Thank you Gerrit-jan and Jenne Jan!

FROH! on the Frankfurt Bookfair 2017

With the team around FROH! and DIE BRUEDER we hit Frankfurt and set up our booth at the Frankfurt Book Fair - join us at Indiecon Island (hall 4.1, stand B88). Besides seeing us, you have the opportunity to meet some of our favorite magazine makers: Missy, Das Wetter, Die Epilog, Kater Demos, EDIT, Cameo, MC1R, STILL, ZurQuelle, NANSEN and transform...

Indiecon Island Frankfurt Bookfair 2016Wer in den letzten zehn Jahren ein Magazin gründen wollte, musste sich das Lied vom Tod der Printmedien anhören: Der Journalismus der Zukunft findet in Echtzeit statt, ist interaktiv und natürlich online. Aber wer genau hinsieht, kann beobachten, wie seitdem auf den frisch geschlagenen Lichtungen im Blätterwald Keime nachwachsen: Hefte, bei denen die Chef*innen und Chefs auch die Macher*innen und Macher sind; Inhalte, die keinen Sinus-Milieus folgen, sondern eigenen Interessen; Finanzierungsmodelle, die auf eine Mischkalkulation aus Selbstausbeutung, Intuition und Lucky Punch setzen. Das sind wir, die Independent-Magazine. In unknown territories, the usual rules don’t apply. You can get lost and never be heard from again, or you can be the first to find a new plateau and gaze upon the world in an unprecedented way. Independent magazines are all about leaving those well-trodden paths; they are about experiments in design and content, and finding ways to tell the stories that matter. This year’s Indiecon explores the realm of a do-it culture. It’s about the challenge of creativity in rapid publishing processes and about mapping ways to make a publication feasible. Together, we try to understand how pioneer projects evolve into communities of makers and readers.

LIFE IN SHAME cover story of FR weekend supplement FR7

The beautiful weekend magazine FR7 of the Frankfurter Rundschau published this week a long cover story of Andrea and my research on the issue of fistula in Africa!
Thanks so much to the whole editorial team for the dedication and space for this important story!

#lifeinshame #fistula #ejc #europeanjournalismcentre #drc #congo #ethiopia


Another part of our story on fistula in Ethiopia and the Democratic Republic of Congo has been published on the German news site Spiegel Online! It is just one of many stories about the suffering of the women there, but hopefully giving them a voice will make a tiny difference and help to not forget the grave situation. Thank you, Andrea, for your dedication and the strong will to get the word out into the world!
And thank you Holger, Heike, Anna, Charlotte and the whole SPON-team for taking the time to look through the extensive material and your belief in the need to tell the stories of these women!

#ejc #lifeinshame #fistula #europeanjournalismcentre #ethiopia #drc #congo

Transcaucasian Trail for German PLAYBOY magazine

If you are normally not roaming around the men's magazine section at your local kiosk, you should check out this month's issue of the German PLAYBOY. For the reportage section Alexander and I went to Georgia and met with the group that wants to build a long distance hiking trail from the Black Sea to the Caspian Sea.

#georgia #tct #transcaucasiantrail

IndieCon Summer School 2017

First drafts of our new magazine 41-43 #3 from the #IndieCon summer school workshop 2017 in #Hamburg, Germany.

#indiemags #froh #frohmagazin #publishyourself #workshop